16 April 2009

Wrap-Up Wednesday

Wednesday, we sort of wrapped up the class into a neat little package. I have to admit that I will miss the stories we read, and I'll miss hearing about and reading the stories that people shared of their own lives in class and on their blogs. Allowing our present selves to coincide with stories from the past made the classics seem far more relevant than I have ever thought them to be. All the same, summer is nearly here (despite the foot of snow in our yards), and it's time for Persephone to return to Demeter for a few months and for us to move on. Moving on is good and I have much to look forward to!: firstly, a trip to Missoula to see the Law School graduation; then many a wedding; work work work; float the Yellowstone River; dress-making; swim in Flathead Lake. Also, I am very much looking forward to lots of Nabokov next semester.

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