27 April 2009

My Bozeman Chronicle Revisited

I just pulled out my Bozeman Chronicle that I saved from January 26, 2009. On the front, there is a sticky-note like advertisement for a Tax Preparation Special. Specials, specials, specials! Every store is having sales; every business is slashing prices. I turned to the funnies and found two comics dealing with the subject of the stock market / economy. As I don’t have a scanner to replicate them here, I’ll describe them briefly. The Blondie funny depicts an emergency meeting held in the stairwell. The comic shows projected earnings charts juxtaposed against the staircase; as the stairs descend, so do the projected earnings. In the Dilbert funny, Dilbert sits in front of his computer and says, “I’m not stressed about being out of work because I have my investments. Let’s see how they . . . GAAAAAA!!!” His assistant replies, “Maybe some warlords are hiring”.

As we all well know that this is not an original marker in history, I presumed that there may have been some other funnies from 1929. Here are a few old and current funnies. Enjoy.
This first funny was published in the New Yorker December 14, 1929:

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