14 April 2009

Misguided Midas

I was just thinking that there must be a reason that the tire company decided to name themselves Midas. I wondered if it was perhaps related to the Ovid tale that Ben & I told.

I went to their website, and surely enough, the top bar looks like this:

Though they don't directly allude to the tale of King Midas, I suppose the company plays off of the idea that everything Midas touches turns to gold. A good thing for Midas the company; a not so good thing for King Midas as he could not drink or eat.
I see the pun intended and appreciate the company's goal to turn what they touch to "gold"; however, it is humorous to see that the company overlooks the fact that the "Midas touch" hinders Midas more than it helps him.
Like I said though, the company successfully presents the intent of their brand to provide great service.
After all their "customer service heroes" even follow the Golden Rule!

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kpott said...

awesome connection