28 January 2009

Eating Organic w/ Persephone & Paul Newman

Pomegranates are good for you according to the bottle of juice that I consumed today at lunch. I had a wonderfully rich Naked juice, full of not only pomegranates but also blueberries.

"Operation: Super Juice"
"No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, No Inhibitions."
The bottle also said, "SHAKE WELL! Separation is Natural".

As I drank my juice, with "1 lb. of fruit in every bottle", I couldn't help but think that for each single pomegranate seed Persephone ate, she was required to remain in the underworld for a full month. If I had been Persephone, the seasons would likely be much longer.

Look at this image of a pomegranate.

I'm no expert on the anatomy of the pomegranate, but this pomegranate seems to be divided into seven sections. Aside from that and the skin, it's all seeds. Every fruit has seeds, but few so many or so patent as the pomegranate.

By the way, eat organic. Pesticides are generally bad for you.

Regarding organic foods: Have you ever heard of Paul Newman? He co-founded Newman's Own Organics. The company makes all sorts of organic versions of well-known snacks like Oreos and Fig Newtons, except they've renamed them Newman-O's and Fig Newmans respectively. Of their many products, my personal favorite are the peanut butter cups covered in dark, rather than milk, chocolate.
Here is one version of Newman's Own Organic logo


26 January 2009

Flower-faced Sister Kisses

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 3 years old.

These beautiful flower-faced twins turned three the day these photographs were taken. Presents, cake, and of course kisses celebrate the beginning of their fourth year. I always think of a birthday as a step forward, the entry into something new. But birthdays in a literal sense are rather celebrations of a day in the past, specifically the day that marks the beginning of one's existence. Every year, most will indulge in parties and sweets to acknowledge their birthday.

It seems funny to celebrate the past, but we wouldn't be anywhere without it.

A note on kissing:
Girls kiss girls. Girls kiss boys. and Boys kiss boys. I've kissed one girl and a few boys. Also, in case you didn't know, there's all sorts of kissing methods: air kisses, kisses on the cheek, butterfly kisses, french kisses, eskimo kisses . . . the list goes on but we mustn't forget the dementor's kiss. A dementor's kiss though is most undesirable.
Most people like to kiss. Why? Likely because it's an expression of sexuality, a hearkening back to the myth of splitting one from another that Dr. Sexson related to us in class.

22 January 2009

Reuse of Refuse

I decided to reuse a bit of refuse that I once created during my freshman year of college. Having not visited my blog in a few years, I admit it was most strange. I had only posted pictures, but the format I had used was somewhat callow.
So, to refurbish it a bit, I changed the format and deleted all of the posts, saving four pictures. The truth is, I wasn't willing to let them go (especially because I'm not sure if I have these images anywhere else); but the point is that sometimes it's hard to delete things, let them go.

I'm just trying to save some images I took, but I guess that means I'm holding on to the past; I'm letting it possess me so to speak. I don't think of myself as much of a pack rat, but I know for a fact that one of my best friends most definitely is. She hoards everything, everything that has any sort of consequence or interest to her whatsoever. I actually ran into her mom recently who informed me that twelve boxes were shipped home just before winter break. The contents were not the expected boots, coats, long underwear, but rather random postcards, french soaps, wrappers, doodles on yellow notepad paper, airplane soda cans, etc. I laughed as this is funny but not a surprise. Along the same lines, her mom would be absolutely (un)thrilled to know that there's a box of passed notes from seventh grade tucked under her bed. My friend despises letting things go. (Side note: Andy Warhol was quite the pack rat himself).

So what about you? I'm sure you keep and treasure certain things. I think everyone likes to hold on to certain objects. When you really think about it, it is very peculiar that we find ourselves so attached to the physical. I think we like to keep things because they allow us to remember things in a very tangible way.